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G.A.P. in Action Posters - IFA v6 (GAPinAction_IFA_v6)

Instructional Posters on Good Agricultural Practices:
Initiating and implementing Good Agricultural Practices on small and medium holder farms is no easy task. The challenge is to break down complex food safety standards into basic implementation instructions and then communicate them in a simple and easy to understand way.

Introducing G.A.P. in Action a series of instructional posters we have developed specifically for this purpose. Because the right images speak more than a thousand words, these posters use straightforward diagrams and little text to illustrate the procedures that growers must follow at different workshops on the farms.

The G.A.P. in Action series covers several areas on the farm such as basic hygiene requirements during harvesting, fertilizer application and record keeping, and proper storage of plant protection products. The simplicity of the posters helps to remind farmers and smallholders of the food safety practices required by new markets that they need to comply with.

The G.A.P. in Action posters are available in the following languages to everyone for free:

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  • Arabic

To access the posters click on get the course, sign-up and then start the course:. After answering two questions you can access the posters in all available languages for free. For printed large posters, please contact a GLOBALG.A.P. Registered Trainer in your area. You can find a complete list here.

Also have a look at our youtube channel, where you can find the IPM poster as a short animated video with more videos coming soon.

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