Self-paced Course

Residue Monitoring System (RMS) checklist

Welcome to this self-paced course for the residue monitoring system (RMS) checklist.
In this course you will learn about the RMS rules, definitions, and sampling levels, including examples of how the levels work.

It should take you between 30 minutes to an hour to complete this course. After you have completed the course, we kindly ask you to share your opinion with us via a feedback form. This will help us to continue improve the development of our training materials.

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Language: English

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to GLOBALG.A.P.
  • Self-paced modules
  • Residue Monitoring System (RMS) checklist
  • Checklist
  • RMS Checklist
  • Survey
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever